Add characters to text lines Ver

This program will add text ,characters , in front and back of a text line.
I needed , while development , to add large text lines as CONSTANT to
Pascal source. So i made this program.
Its purpose is to add on each line , to large text file , “+’ ”
and ” ‘ ” .
The user can add any charters he wishes.

API Form Maker


The program uses Delphi components and style
to make an API DPR shell. The shell is very small
compare to regular programs.
The components are made from API.
The output is a DPR and an EXE file.

With the DPR shell add your own software that then can be compiled
and used with your own software.

MDB Form Maker

While working on a Delphi project i found that there is no
Auto making of forms for an MDB/SQL database. So i made this

The MDB/SQL database uses 2 types only: ftString and ftMemo;
They make 2 components DBEdit and DBMemo.
Any thing else will be DBEdit.