API Form Maker

  The program uses Delphi components and style to make an API DPR shell. The shell is very small compare to regular programs. The components are made from API. The […]

MDB Form Maker

While working on a Delphi project i found that there is no Auto making of forms for an MDB/SQL database. So i made this program. The MDB/SQL database uses 2 […]

Add characters to text lines Ver

This program will add text ,characters , in front and back of a text line. I needed , while development , to add large text lines as CONSTANT to Pascal […]

Connect ADB to device program

Created to quickly connect your Android device over WiFi to Install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected. It uses the ADB program. When the program start it […]

Hebrew Holidays (DELPHI components)

  Free DELPHI components to help in using HEBREW holidays on Year  Planner component And Rx date component   Ver 1.0

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