Compile UI To PY files

This program is intended to compile UI files to PY files.
You should have PYUIC5 on your computer !!.
UI files are used by qt-designer
Qt Designer is a tool for quickly building graphical user interfaces with widgets
This program uses the UI files to translate them to PY files.
PY files are Python source files.
Furthermore if Qt Designer is on your computer this program will open it.

Python 2 Execute

Look where is your main PYTHON file to execute.
The program has the directory and the
Python program name from the main file name.
The final program name is the main file name.
What the process does is to Change the directory to
where the main PYTHON file is.
Then execute and make an execute file.

Delete empty folders

In theory that depends on the block
The Default block size under NTFS is 4K,
so an empty folder
will take 4096 bytes.

Use this program to delete empty folders

Document Projects

This program came out of my need

This program document all the projects files.
Project files are documented as per file mask.
Save their names to a database later on to
update the files.
With the files, one adds a description including project
pictures, category, and name.
Before saving add categories.
Categories are written to a tree.
The project category (which is a tree) is added like this
name>name>… name> to the database.
This program does not save the files only their names and date-time.
Print the database records to PDF or HTML.


MyIp program is a collection of programs using ports and IP.

1. Check your router IP.
2. Check your external IP.
3. Scan all open/close ports.
Output all ports close and open
Output close ports.
Output open ports.
For the above options output Local
or Remot information.
4. Ping an IP address.
5. Execute IPCONFIG /all program.
6. Ping a range of IP addresses.
7. Print your results.
8. Output results to text file.
9. Output results to HTML file.
10. ALL programs Internet Address/Ports
11. Find ports for specific program
12. Dns To Ip. Find IP address of a site name.

Explorer List

This program came out of a need.
It allows to open EXPLORER at a directory/folder.
Each directory/folder get a name.
All names are on the tray for quick access.
Right mouse on the tray ICON and it will show a list.

One can Add ,Delete or edit an Explorer directory.

Explorer history. When one goes into Explorer directory
History program retain the link so that one can always
return to that Explorer address.

Choose a style for the program.

One can reorder the lines
just pick a line with the mouse and move
to a new position.

Arrange popup Columns

Screen Capture

This screen capture is different. It uses the program handle to catch  the screen.
This allows hidden screen to be saved.
Saving the picture can be as a Bit Map or JPEG.
To use
Double click a tree line. Get the handle number . Grab the bit map.

Color Picker

Color picker get the color from the pixels on screen.
A magnifier helps see better the pixels.
You can use HOT KEY to get a color from the main color
or save a color on to one of 8 areas.
Saving up to 8 colors is by press the get color from screen key
and pressing any mouse key.
Colors are send to CLIPBOARD.
Pressing the LEFT mouse key on any one of 8 color area will send the color to
There is also a button to send all 8 colors to clipboard.

Disk Directories Compare

This program is to compare 2 directories.
The output is extensive information of the files on both directories.
The black color file , files on both directories.
The blue color file , files that exist only on one directory.
The red color file the missing files.


When comparing 2 directories the files in BLACK are the one on both directories
and are with the same Last Write Time.
The Fuchsia color shows that the file with the Green color is NEWER.
Although they are both in the same directory.

There is printing in many formats,
with colors, and extensive file information.