Find Long Names

The logic behind.
A file consist of file directory, file name and file extension (including a point).
Each one has a size. The maximum size of each section depend on Microsoft operating system.
In general a file name of over 255 charactersMITE be too long.
Check what section of a file is above the size you want.
The file above the size number will be shown. No number , all files will be shown.
If one of the three section is UNDER or EQUEL to the size chosen, the file will not be shown.
Only  too long file names are shown.
There are two possibilities
1. Variable file name size
2. Fix file name size.
Variable file name will check portions of the file name path , name and extension for specific size.
Fix file name will take the whole file name and check for its length.
Be aware that in some situation even the name mite do some problems as opposed to  the whole path.
Which mean that even if the whole file name is of good length still the name ,or extension , mite not be !!!!