Weighing Multi form software V2

Free Weighing Multi form software is a software for accumulating weight data and bar cod saving to data base and printing the accumulated information .
It is intended to be as an hard copy output of weights , bar code and data input.

Design any form with TEXT,NUMBERS,WEIGHT , DB and BARCODE.
Program R5232 with any configuration.
Analyze the input string with HEX viewer.
Synchronize on weight bar code string
Any communication specification
Save weight to EXCEL, WORD, MDB and TXT.
Print your forms and graph.
Graph management tools.
Chart lines options.
Add TARE and ZERO keys.
3 led’s for stability visual weight representation.

The product is FREE with a nag screen.
To register the product and remove the nag screen request for quotation.
The program need Form Designer
Be aware that CODE IDENTIFIER is attached to a computer.

Need Program utility image879