Weighing form with Barcode software v2


Free weighing FORM with Barcode software is a software for printing form data as of weights bar cod and input information.
It is intended to be as an hard copy output of weights , bar code and data input.
The product need Form Designer.image883 image757

  • Design any form with BARCODE
  • Program P5232 with any protocol configuration
  • Analyze input string with HEX viewer
  • Synchronize on weight bar code string
  • Any communication specification
  • Save weight – EXCEL, WORD, MDB, TXT
  • Print your forms and graph
  • Graph management tools
  • 1,2,3 for chart lines options
  • Add TARE and ZERO keys
  • 3 led’s for visual weight representation

The product is FREE with a nag screen.

To register the product and remove the nag screen request for quotation.
Be aware that CODE IDENTIFIER is attached to a computer

Need Program utility image879