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Featured Programs

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MyIp program is a collection of programs using ports and IP. 1. Check your router IP. 2. Check your external IP. 3. Scan all open/close ports. Output all ports close […]

API Form Maker

  The program uses Delphi components and style to make an API DPR shell. The shell is very small compare to regular programs. The components are made from API. The […]

Color Picker

Color picker get the color from the pixels on screen. A magnifier helps see better the pixels. You can use HOT KEY to get a color from the main color […]

MDB Form Maker

While working on a Delphi project i found that there is no Auto making of forms for an MDB/SQL database. So i made this program. The MDB/SQL database uses 2 […]

Explorer List

This program came out of a need. It allows to open EXPLORER at a directory/folder. Each directory/folder get a name. All names are on the tray for quick access. Right […]

Avi2Gif program Decode AVI into GIF

  Free Avi2Gif program Decode AVI into GIF. Make any GIF movie out Of an AVI file. Insert movies into msn icons (Emoticons). Ver 1.0

Kml Gpx Reader

The program extracts information from the KML or GPX file by parsing the words LineString and coordinates. Usually, there is ONLY ONE section for coordinates. However, if there is more […]

Language editor utility v1.0

Language editor utility v1.0 . Use this program to translate from english to your languege in all our software. Languages to Down Load Weight Logger Language Weight Form Language Weight […]

Disk Directories Compare

This program is to compare 2 directories. The output is extensive information of the files on both directories. The black color file , files on both directories. The blue color […]

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