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Avi2Gif program Decode AVI into GIF

  Free Avi2Gif program Decode AVI into GIF. Make any GIF movie out Of an AVI file. Insert movies into msn icons (Emoticons). Ver 1.0

Kml Gpx Reader

The program extracts information from the KML or GPX file by parsing the words LineString and coordinates. Usually, there is ONLY ONE section for coordinates. However, if there is more […]

Disk Directories Compare

This program is to compare 2 directories. The output is extensive information of the files on both directories. The black color file , files on both directories. The blue color […]

Rename Files Extensions

  Free Rename Files Extensions you can rename files EXTENSION. Ver 1.0

Create Dummy File

This software is to create files , of variable size , which do nothing. Its main use can be to test disk, internet speed or to fill a free space […]

PHT Decoder

Free PHT Decoder for SK5000A pictures file. SK5000A cellular phone need to decode from PHT to JPG this is why I made this program. Ver 1.02

Find Long Names

The logic behind. A file consist of file directory, file name and file extension (including a point). Each one has a size. The maximum size of each section depend on […]

YouTube_DownLoader_Shell Ver

  This program is a shell program using YOUTUBE-DL.exe for the download videos or songs from sites (which youtube-dl support). After downloading my program make sure you have the latest YOUTUBE-DL.exe. […]

Multi Launch software v1.0

Free Multi Launch software. With this program you can associate a button with as many programs as you wish. The free version has only 11 buttons. The pro version has up to […]

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