Free Programs

Delete empty folders

In theory that depends on the blockallocation.The Default block size under NTFS is 4K,so an empty folderwill take 4096 bytes. Use this program to delete empty folders

Document Projects

This program came out of my need This program document all the projects files. Project files are documented as per file mask. Save their names to a database later on […]


MyIp program is a collection of programs using ports and IP. 1. Check your router IP. 2. Check your external IP. 3. Scan all open/close ports. Output all ports close […]

Explorer List

This program came out of a need. It allows to open EXPLORER at a directory/folder. Each directory/folder get a name. All names are on the tray for quick access. Right […]

Screen Capture

This screen capture is different. It uses the program handle to catch  the screen. This allows hidden screen to be saved. Saving the picture can be as a Bit Map […]

Color Picker

Color picker get the color from the pixels on screen. A magnifier helps see better the pixels. You can use HOT KEY to get a color from the main color […]

Disk Directories Compare

This program is to compare 2 directories. The output is extensive information of the files on both directories. The black color file , files on both directories. The blue color […]

Create Dummy File

This software is to create files , of variable size , which do nothing. Its main use can be to test disk, internet speed or to fill a free space […]

Find Long Names

The logic behind. A file consist of file directory, file name and file extension (including a point). Each one has a size. The maximum size of each section depend on […]

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