Free Programs

Document Projects

This program came out of my need This program document all the projects files. Project files are documented as per file mask. Save their names to a database later on […]


MyIp program is a collection of programs using ports and IP. 1. Check your router IP. 2. Check your external IP. 3. Scan all open/close ports. Output all ports close […]

Explorer List

This program came out of a need. It allows to open EXPLORER at a directory/folder. Each directory/folder get a name. All names are on the tray for quick access. Right […]

Screen Capture

This screen capture is different. It uses the program handle to catch¬† the screen. This allows hidden screen to be saved. Saving the picture can be as a Bit Map […]

Color Picker

Color picker get the color from the pixels on screen. A magnifier helps see better the pixels. You can use HOT KEY to get a color from the main color […]

Disk Directories Compare

This program is to compare 2 directories. The output is extensive information of the files on both directories. The black color file , files on both directories. The blue color […]

Create Dummy File

This software is to create files , of variable size , which do nothing. Its main use can be to test disk, internet speed or to fill a free space […]

Find Long Names

The logic behind. A file consist of file directory, file name and file extension (including a point). Each one has a size. The maximum size of each section depend on […]

Kml Reader

GOOGLE has changed its free map policy !!! See The program extract information from the KML file by parsing the words LineString¬† and coordinates. Usually there is ONLY ONE […]

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